Bacon FestLeo Landis ’87 gave an interview to the Des Moines Register promoting the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival earlier this year.  He gave a presentation at the festival titled “Twelve Bacons in Twelve Hours” where he talked about the history of bacon and showcased bacon products from local meat lockers here in Iowa.

The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival is an annual event here in Iowa put on by the The Iowa Bacon Board to promote everything bacon.  What started as a groups’ passion for “all things bacon” has evolved into the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour. In 2001, a group of guys began celebrating bacon during an annual weekend retreat at the Porter Cottage in Spirit Lake, IA. Six years later, they pursued a deeper understanding of their favorite meat by earning “All About Bacon” diplomas from Living History Farms. On March 1st, 2008, officially organized under the Iowa Bacon Board and led by Brooks Reynolds, they went on to found the world’s premier bacon festival.  To learn more about the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and purchase your tickets for next year, please visit their website at

You can view Leo’s Interview HERE and read the slideshow HERE.

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