Capital Campaign


From our founding in 1920 as The Amician Club to our present existence as the Iowa Xi Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta at Iowa State University, our fraternity has been an important and positive part of our lives and the university community. With more than 1,000 brothers initiated, Phi Kappa Theta continues to influence the lives of men and cultivate lasting friendships and memories.

Phi-Kappa-ThetaOur longstanding tradition has endured for over 90 years. Our brotherhood is a special connection that was built during our time spent in the chapter house at 2110 Lincoln Way, our home away from home. For Iowa Xi to remain competitive and continue our legacy, we must build upon our foundation to ensure the success of future generations of Phi Kappa Theta brothers.

The following pages detail the steps needed to complete a renovation to the chapter house. This project will not only serve the immediate needs of our undergraduates and attract new members, but will also ensure our historic home is preserved for all alumni to visit and enjoy when returning to Ames. The Iowa Xi Alumni Corporation invites you to learn about our plans, join our efforts, and pledge your commitment to our fraternity campaign: Pride in Our Past, Foundation for Our Future.


Our chapter house at 2110 Lincoln Way plays a significant role in the development of our brothers and serves as a proud symbol of our shared values. Over the years our fraternity home has aged, and a rapidly growing number of repairs and upgrades need attention now. It has become clear that a major investment in our chapter house at this time will best serve the long-term future of the fraternity. The Iowa Xi Alumni Corporation has identified several challenges that must be addressed to enhance our house.

HouseSAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITY. The City of Ames has mandated that all collegiate housing have a fire suppression system installed by 2014, making this project a top priority. With an aging house, improvements are needed to both infrastructure systems and structural components, including the roof, exterior brick, and windows. The fire suppression system alone will require upgraded electrical and plumbing systems. Heating and cooling system upgrades will improve the chapter’s energy efficiency and reduce utility expenses. The life-safety features will ensure not only the protection of our members but also our investment into this project. Much like our personal homes, our chapter house must be modern, safe, and efficient to instill confidence in our members and their parents.

COMPETITION, CAPACITY, AND VALUE. Phi Kappa Theta also faces significant challenges from other fraternities, university residence halls, and off-campus housing. Today, students and their parents demand more for their housing dollars as they expect more space, privacy, and amenities. Other fraternities on campus—ΑΤΩ, ΒΣΨ, ΒΘΠ, ΦΔΘ, ΣΑΕ, ΣΦΕ, ΣΧ, ΤΚΕ, and ΘΧ−−are in the midst of or have completed major projects already. Phi Kappa Theta needs to offer amenities similar to other living facilities while charging comparable room rates to attract quality young men who share our vision of excellence. After upgrades are made to the bedroom and bathroom accommodations, the occupancy of the house will be set at 33 members. As our membership continues to increase, we will overflow into our six-unit apartment complex and can accomodate an additional 12 members, for a total property occupancy of 45. Phi Kappa Theta will feature three different living arrangements: cold-air dorms, two-person rooms, and two-person apartment units. Expanded recreational space on the main floor and additional dining room furniture will enrich the fraternity living experience and create a more inviting environment for all members, actives and alumni, and their guests to enjoy.



The Iowa Xi Alumni Corporation has established a building committee of alumni who are professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction to guide this project and establish our project plans. A feasibility study was conducted to provide insight regarding our financial capability. In all areas, the building committee has been instructed to be mindful of budget constraints, as well as mandatory building and fire code requirements. In addition, we have placed a special emphasis on the use of practical and durable building materials, finishes, and fixtures to withstand high-volume use over a number of years.


  • Install mandatory fire suppression
  • Update fire/life-safety equipment and replace fire escape
  • Replace boiler with new HVAC system
  • Replace roof
  • Upgrade windows and enhance insulation
  • Complete tuck-point repairs to exterior brick
  • Resurface and grade parking lot to alleviate drainage issues
  • Improve landscaping


  • Convert guest room into increased common/recreation space
  • Restore president’s room
  • Upgrade main floor and dining room furniture
  • Repair kitchen
  • Remodel guest  bathroom



  • Convert second floor cold-air dorm to 2 two-person rooms
  • Expand second floor bathroom into southwest corner
  • Complete general touch-up in all rooms





The renovation project has an estimated total cost of $750,000. Our aim is to avoid any long-term borrowing and fundraise 100% of the costs with contributions and five-year pledges payable to the Ames Phi Kappa Building Company or Phi Kappa Theta National Foundation. The Alumni Corporation plans to cover all professional fundraising/legal fees with current reserves and cash flow generated by the apartment complex, therefore 100% of each contribution will exclusively support the renovation costs. We anticipate renovation to begin by the summer of 2014.



Contributions to the Pride in Our Past, Foundation for Our Future campaign may be directed to the Ames Phi Kappa Building Company. With the majority of the project deemed non-educational, there is a great need for contributions that are

not tax deductible. The magnitude of this project is substantial, the participation of every brother is important, and major gifts are essential. In order for each alumnus to contemplate the largest gift possible, campaign pledges can be structured over a five-year period.

Each of us, simply by our presence, has contributed to the history of Phi Kappa Theta fraternity. How appropriate then that each of our names be entered into its halls. Each donor who contributes $1,000 or more will be recognized on a prominently displayed plaque. Gifts in honor or in memory of brothers, as well as family and pledge class gifts, are welcome. Recognition in such cases will be given to both the donor and honoree. All donors contributing to the campaign will be recognized in campaign publications, unless otherwise requested.


House-ProgressionWe ask for your thoughtful consideration of this plan. You are the only one who can place a value on your membership in Phi Kappa Theta—on the lifelong friendships you made, on the development of your values and ideals, and on the many ways the fraternity enhanced your college years in Ames. Remember that each of us benefited from the generosity, work, and sacrifice of those who went before us.

Today, perhaps more than ever, college fraternities play a relevant role in shaping the lives of young men. Phi Kappa Theta provides a group-living environment that

fosters academic achievement, promotes shared ideals, and develops valuable social and leadership skills in an ever-changing world. The active chapter has made a commitment to perpetuate the ideals, values, and traditions that have benefited the lives of Phi Kaps over the years. The volunteer leadership is committed to this major effort and prepared to manage the new property through appropriate policies and procedures.

We all enjoyed the home and brotherhood Phi Kappa Theta provided during our years on campus. The commitment we make today cannot be underestimated—it will strengthen our fraternity’s foundation at 2110 Lincoln Way and have a ripple effect on the lives of future Phi Kaps for years to come. Now we ask you, the Iowa Xi alumni, to lead the way, support the financial challenge associated with this project, and invest in our future.