Building Corporation

2023 Update

Dear Brothers,

Your Building Corporation was hard at work the past year with more exciting changes and improvements to the Iowa Xi properties. 

We underwent a substantial renovation project that included removal and replacement of all the doors in the Chapter House. The $120,000 door project was funded by the estate gift from Jim Victor ‘69. Digital locks were purchased for the doors using funds from the 2110 Club. It was quite the undertaking, but the finished result turned out beautifully!!  A special shout out to alumnus Jeff Funke ’92 who did most of the heavy lifting for this project.  We also want to acknowledge the undergraduates for their help and patience through the entire process.  

We also replaced the carpet on the steps from the main floor to the basement and from the main floor to the second floor.  We plan on replacing the rest of the carpet in the house in the 2023-2024 school year.

The kitchen overhaul was completed with the help of alumnus Bill Fleischacker ‘75.   A new dishwasher, range, and ice machine were some of the improvements.

We want to give a special thank you to Paul and Ann Gaffney who spent countless hours this summer doing a complete makeover of every room in the chapter house.  Spackling, outlets, new LED lights, painting, and much more!  Thank you to the undergrads who were staying in the house this summer for their help, too.

What’s new for 2024?  In addition to replacing carpeting in the rest of the Chapter house, we have formed a committee to work in partnership with the Iowa Xi Foundation to do renovations to the study room. We sent out a survey to the undergrads to gauge what is most important to them for this project.  The cost of the project will be funded by a grant from the Foundation’s Jim Victor Endowment Fund.

As part of a special fundraising effort in conjunction with the Iowa Xi Centennial Celebration in 2024, we developed a proposal for a new Phi Kappa Theta yard sign and enhanced landscaping.  We also will look at the possibility of installing new flooring in the Annex by the end of 2024.

So, brothers, as you can see, a tremendous amount of time, talent, and treasure, is needed for maintaining and improving our properties.  You can help by volunteering to serve on one of the Building Corporation committees as well as donating to the 2110 Club. Gifts to the 2110 Club are used exclusively for property improvements to the Chapter House and Annex. While the minimum annual gift is $21/year, we suggest $210 or $2,110. 

Please consider making a special gift to the 2110 Club.  Remember our motto, “Give, expecting nothing thereof.”

In the Bonds,

Tom Mercer ‘89

President, Iowa XI Building Corporation

Kitchen Update

New Carpet

Door Replacement Project

Room Refurbishment