Member Directory

After numerous requests and a lot of research, I have a member directory working that is now available on the site.  You will have to log in to use this so if you need help with that, please email me at  You can search the directory for other members by name or email address right now, but soon will be able to search by pledge and graduation year as well.  If you have any other suggestions to make our site better, please use the suggestions section HERE to make recommendations.

In the Bonds,

Nate Kemmer ’03

Secretary and Website Administrator

Official Launch

I am proud to announce that we have officially launched the site.  The welcome email when out last week and users have been logging in and updating their passwords and information.  Thanks to all of you who already have.  Please feel free to join the conversation on how you would like the site to look on the website suggestions page here.  You can also let me know of any events your would like posted on the calendar by sending me an email.  Thank you for your support!

New Theme and Updates


I have changed the theme of the website to be more conducive to our goals with this site.  I have also updated most of the pages and retitled them.  Please feel free to suggest changes as you see fit.  Thank you!

In the Bonds,

Nathaniel Kemmer ’03


Welcome to the Iowa Xi chapter of Phi Kappa Theta alumni webpage.  This site will allow you to check upcoming events and RSVP, reconnect with fellow brothers, pay dues online and read up on the progress of the house.  Please take a few minutes to check out the site and post any comments or suggestions that you have!

In the Bonds,

Nathaniel Kemmer ’03

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